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Don Corace has been an entrepreneur and investor spanning four decades, in addition to a published author of both fiction and non-fiction.  


He wrote Offshore, a novel that revolves around the offshore oil drilling and exploration industry. The thriller was published by a small Texas publisher in 2005.


In 2007, Harper Collins Publishers, a major publishing house, published Don’s acclaimed nonfiction book, Government Pirates: The Assault of Private Property Rights – And How We Can Fight It.


Both books received national media attention that included several TV interviews and over 250 radio interviews. 

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Don plans to write Seahorse, the sequel to Offshore and book series, that captures the grit and entrepreneurial spirit of the Lone Star State. The story will take readers into a world of greed, romance, and murder as the Drummond family battles high-tech oligarchs, corrupt politicians, corporate spies, computer hackers, and transnational criminals.
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